About MTF

Founded in 1932, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) is widely recognized as the state's premier public policy organization dealing with state and local fiscal, tax and economic policies. MTF's record of high quality research and non-partisan analysis has earned the organization broad credibility on Beacon Hill and across the Commonwealth. Our mission is to provide accurate, unbiased research with balanced, thoughtful recommendations that strengthen the state's finances and economy in order to foster the long-term well being of the Commonwealth. Over the course of eight decades, MTF has played an instrumental role in achieving major reforms and promoting sound public policy in state government. In the past ten years, MTF has won sixteen prestigious national awards from the Governmental Research Association for our work on a wide array of topics. Our unique credibility has allowed us to have a significant impact on a wide range of issues - from health care, business costs and transportation funding to tax competitiveness, capital investments and state and local finances.

Our Research

One of the hallmarks of MTF has been to provide comprehensive, accurate and timely facts and figures to our members, public officials, opinion leaders and the media. Our commitment to meticulous, high quality research and clearly explained, non-partisan analysis has received praise and respect on Beacon Hill and is reflected in an unprecedented number of national awards earned by the Foundation in recent years.

As the premier independent watchdog of state and local finances, MTF regularly publishes major reports on a wide variety of fiscal and policy issues. In-depth analyses of the state budget and local government finances are produced annually, a legislative directory is issued for each two-year legislative session, and interstate comparisons of taxes and business costs are updated periodically. MTF also publishes reports on a range of other topics of special interest, such as the Commonwealth's transportation finances and the state's landmark health reform law.

MTF frequently produces a variety of shorter publications which provide concise analyses of current policy issues as well as MTF's views on the key choices facing the Commonwealth's decision makers. Each year, a special series of bulletins offer analysis and commentary on the state budget at each step in the process.

Our Credibility

Throughout the course of 88 years, the Foundation has established a reputation as a credible resource for Massachusetts residents, policy makers and the media. Our credibility is based on timely, accurate and objective research and analysis.


We engage in research that is current and relevant. We respond to and address important issues as they surface. We serve as a constant watchdog on behalf of the taxpayers.


Our publications are extensively and thoroughly researched. They are produced by our experts who have broad experience in the public sector. We stand behind the accuracy of our work.


As a non-partisan organization striving to serve the broad public interest, we bring an unbiased approach to our research on any given issue. Our value as a research organization is derived from our independent and balanced work.